The 4th Chelsea Science Festival: Chelsea STEAM Maker Festival!!

-Hosted by the Lewis Latimer Society & Museum


Saturday September 21, 2019

1 - 4 pm


99 Marginal Street

Chelsea, MA 02150

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The Lewis H. Latimer Society was founded in 1997 in Chelsea, Massachusetts by brothers (and lifelong residents) Ron and Leo Robinson. Both felt it was important to honor the memory of Mr. Latimer, and so started the Latimer Society. The brothers' work would be in the realm of education, history, and culture, by seeking to raise public awareness of the accomplishments of Lewis Latimer and preserving his legacy.

Our mission is to promote excellence in learning and discovery for young people in Chelsea through science while also embodying the values of Lewis Latimer. Through this path of scientific explorations. The founders believe that beneficiaries will also further develop their own sense of self-discovery and confidence.

When we look at the highest circles of academia and business we still find a small number of black and minority individuals. These demographics do not reflect lesser intelligence or capacity, but they reveal individuals who have had significantly different role-models and marketed different access to opportunities. The average student would probably not be able to list five black inventors or innovators, but could easily recall the accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin or Alexander Graham Bell. By providing youth with strong role-models and intensive educational experiences, we hope to create future leaders in the public and private sectors. The Lewis H. Latimer Society & Museum takes individuals with raw potential and ideas to help mold them into leaders; by giving them the tools and connections to move into the world and innovate.  

Quincy Lewis Howard Latimer (1848-1928) was a self taught electrical engineer and inventor who worked for Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, as well as Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Many of Latimer's ideas, (including the carbon wire that lights up) were included in the design of the light bulb. Latimer was the only black man of the original 28 people who formed the "Edison Pioneers," a group dedicated to maintaining Edison's ideals. The General Electric Company, for which Lewis Latimer worked, merged with a second firm in 1892. The resulting merger became the present day General Electric Company. Throughout his remarkable life, Mr. Latimer was notable for numerous other accomplishments—being a recognized patent expert, draftsman, author, poet, musician, and Civil War veteran. 

The mission of the society reflects much of the personality and vision of our namesake. The Lewis H. Latimer Society & Museum seeks to build on Latimer's legacy of achievements to increase the number of under-represented populations in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).


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